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How to market your small, local business online with video SEO and Social Media, Charlottesville Virginia

Making your own local businesses' online digital business card with Video SEO for social media marketing

Step One:  gathering your media; pictures or video or text, that you have acquired over the years from your company's work

IF you are staring a new business or concept that you do not have media for, you should view the next blog on how to create from scratch, your own mobile media marketing campaign to get all the media, pictures, and video you'll ever need for social media and your website.

Get ahold of a simple and cheap video editing program.  I use iMovie on the iPad because it is simply the fastest and easiest way to manipulate photo and text into video and upload and distribute it.  There are many other programs of all ranging qualities.  YouTube and other website based companies are also offering you the ability to manipulate and edit video production from the internet and upload directly to the sites.

Once you have a program that you'e comfortable with, here is the fastest easiest way to create your own local business' online digital business card, for distribution throughout media sites where people gather.  This should be looked at as nothing more than multiple "digital store fronts" that your digital business card should be available for people to be aware that you exist at all.

If you doubt that people are going to find you, look into you, and compare you to others, on a platform other than the web (and even more so mobile platforms) then you shouldn't even bother looking at the statistics.  Just keep sending out postcards and passing out business cards and I'm sure you'll do fine.
an example of a digital media graphic design image created on the iPad in photoshop 

My methods do not include convincing anyone that the web is where to market.  NOR do I have time to tell anyone video is the #1way to market yourself online.

So grab one of your best pictures.
Insert it into the video editing program.  Copy and paste it so that there are two of the pictures.  Now set a "Ken Burns" effect on the two photos and set a beginning and an end to the pan on each photo, making them smoothly transition from one to another, panning congruently in and out or across and in.
Now grab a text box an a screen generator (background for your text).  Now make a text box in front of the two pictures that says who and what you are.  Then do the same after the pictures, except this time make sure that you give a call to action plan for what they can do if they want to see more.  The easiest way to do that would be to put your website.

And that's it, you've now used just one picture to create an online digital business card for your company's SEO, page ranking, and social media insertion.....  Here's what one looks like:

A photo taken with a Rebel camera of the underside J&E logo on a piece of furniture, and cleaned up on a photo editor

Please email me with any questions, or email me some pictures and information and I'll make your small business it's own digital business card.  Remember, that's the easiest way to do Video SEO for your local business.  Matthew Jaeger and MediaVizual can be reached in Charlottesville, Virginia at


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