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 How to film your own tv show, "The Crafty Craftsman", reality series with the iPad and iPhone only, using just iMovie!

Use two different camera angles to record your own video and audio production all by yourself, using only the iPhone and iPad!

This is the clever Craftsman, though I'm always forgetting when I actually say it, so it's quickly turning into the "Crafty Craftsman"!  I'm on a, now two month, handcrafting journey, that started off with basically dying in a car accident, while literally on my death bed, of sorts, a Hollywood production company literally called me and asked me to star on the Travel Channel in the first mobile home flipping reality show about moving and remodeling used mobile homes, because of a tv show i wrote, acted and starred in (well sort of, it was actually not scripted, it was all real life, and the things I did were no more than what I had to do working), with my best friend Sam Parkins.  Sam had started a couple years before, and had been running a used mobile home flipping business for 3 years, before I teamed up again with my old ball field friend to again go out and conquer the world together.  But as fate had it, a car accident had another plan entirely for me.  18 months after joining up with Sam, I was struggling to ever walk again, and Hollywood literally wanted us to star in our own "Mobile Men" reality series, doing the very same thing we had already been filming ourselves doing.........

Man, I talk way too in detail, so forget the other details.  The car accident DIDN"T kill me, and frankly, between you and me, it didn't even slow me down....not see, it slowed me down JUST enough TO ACTUALLY GET SOMETHING DONE.

Technically you are about to witness perhaps the largest ever amount of scripted, non-scripted, reality, how-to, video productions ever directed, produced, acted in, edited, produced and distributed by one man (mostly because the capability to actually do that has just been made possible by data speed, memory, and the internet's facilitation of the aforementioned).  

Ive have literally gone insane practicing the art of creating anything audio and video.  Obviously I'll never know much, with only one lifetime to practice, so I mostly focused on the parts that allow the continuation of constant creation.  I don't seek to create something perfectly perfect.  I seek to create.....I cannot stop my brain from handcrafting ideas on top of more ideas, infused with concepts and other applications.....I've gotten to the point where I can record and produce any beat, guitar, or instrumental tone, anywhere and instantly sync 2-6 video angles to the separate audio.....I don't know what it means, but it at least means that I can create semi professional audio and video productions, ranging from a song to a cd to a story board musical progression, to an online video ad for local business, video SEO for media blogs, to video pod casts to video emails, to tutorials....mostly anything, anywhere, audio and video production......I'm not really coming to any large conclusion, only that these are the circumstances with which I now find myself in, and that's why I'm filming a Crafty Craftsman, at my father's high-end cabinetry and design shop, Jaeger & Ernst.  I've been seeking an angle from which to market my father's EXTREMELY SUPER high design/build cabinetry business, where I have grown up in charlottesville, virginia, with the same ten craftsman all my 33 years (mostly, not all the craftsman, my detail savy father would remind me).  
Most of the craftsman I have known my entire life.  I was baptized in sawdust, and though I went my own direction in life, going to engineering at VT, then Australia, then Boulder, Co, and then finally back home.
Point is, now that I've 'grown up', we'll just say gotten older to avoid dispute, I've come to love and appreciate the fine art of custom cabinetry and fine woodworking design.  Problem is, my uncle on my mom's side is my dad's partner in the business by the way.  On my mom's side, so it's not my father's brother.  Is that confusing enough?

Since getting hit by the car on my birthday last year, and it's taken me 9 months to actually recover, get a job and car again, and I still haven't yet moved out of my parent's recovery facility!  Anyway, long process, but since the wreck I've already created, edited, produced and uploaded 203 original, solo video and audio production films, ranging anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.  Now, hardly anyone's watched them, because it's also apparently cost me any and all friends that I ever had to actually start accomplishing these crazy ideas my head......Anyway, that's too much, I'll tell you the crazy parts as we head down this music and video production journey together.........For now let's just say I didn't like Hollywood's contract stipulations, and I've since taken some more lengthy, more drastic and life altering angles.....and low and behold, well.....I'll tell you later what I did since standing on my mother's porch, high on pain killers, unable to walk, Hollywood looming, and how I made the biggest, most important, crazy, decision in my life, had some other people believe me and'll see, it's a long's the Clever Craftsman's take on things.....anyone can do everything......just make sure your imagination is limitless and you've got two iPad's!

Many thanks, though I suspect I don't have any readers......:(

I am.....Jaeger.....
"the Mobile Man"
"the Clever Craftsman"
"the Multi-Media Man"
the "Mobile Musician"
the "iPad Songwriter"
& the "VidWiz"

I live in my dreams, & the world mostly thinks me to be crazy....and I'm out of reasons to deny it...

video SEO and organic content marketing in charlottesville virginia, email with any and all comments and/or questions!


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