How to catch the eye of the Millennial Generation in a Social Media "Time-Line" world Video SEO Charlottesville Virgina

How to get noticed in Social Media with Video SEO


An iron smith called me the other evening, as I was making my way back hone, albeit slowly, for I was on my third video of the day, and when he told me what he was making, I spun the car around and just had to fit in a fourth!  Five hours later, I crept into my bed and awoke the next morning to this Social Media Video SEO A.D.D solution!
First of all, Ron was making a six foot tall garden roe for a girl we both new......and both knew would be able to use it, regardless of how silly it seemed.  You can check her out on Facebook, I think she's already got the roe and has pictures posted in action.....
Ten inch solid steel, five or six of them or something, and four or five foot two inch wide solid steel hollow tube handles.

Well, we got it done, or he did rather, I'm just the story teller.  See, gone are the days of it being enough to do what you're told....don't get me wrong, most of us should....and I really wouldn't want anyone to have to go through the struggle I've had to go through to stick to my guns and believe in myself and what I think is right.  Anyway, I don't have any idea what I was saying there, oh, point was.....the Creator will be king again.  

 It's handcrafted walking stick studio guitar stand.

no screws or nails or plugs or anything. just suspended on that wooden read oak tendon coming out of the handmade oak base. 
 literally suspend over the table as well hanging and balancing in perfect mass and direction wood on wood.  and when you pick up the guitar, the stick falls back and lays flat and there's a magnetic attachment for a 360 swivel mount microphone mount on the handle side (for walking stick application) and guitar base, side that then releases upwards once the guitar is removed.....that's handcrafted and that's interesting.
 i am marketing the best cabinet shop in virginia right now and handcrafted my own content marketing....that's one way to market your business online with video

With the sensational rise of online video adz and it's enormous impact on buying power, conversion rates, and ROI, small and local business are lining up at the door to get their business packaged in short entertaining, engaging  videos, for the assimilation of their business humanization into the private chatrooms of their social demographic customers, consumers and clients.  
He who uses Video SEO first, and correctly and continues growing an audience and keeping in constant contact with them through educational, organic, content marketing; somehow figuring out what it is that your demographic, in the specific social media really wants to see or continuing keeping in touch with your business because of.  It's hard to know.  Enter the content creative, video hyper active, graphic design, iPad, tricked out new mobile marketers from MediaVizual.  Doctors of Spin & Sorcerers of Engagement. 

 This is original content digital media marketing with MediaVizual live form Charlottesville Virginia reminding you that you've only got a moment to be interesting.  The only thing, besides your business existing, that matters to you local businesses' success, is whether or not, when a potential consumer or client or yours, types in a long tail keyword phrase into the search bar that directly identifies with your businesses' success, is there a link on the first page of that search with something that leads them to where you can close a sale or make a deal?  

And before the first two pages are, not only unable to be gotten on, but also way before they are yet saturated with other businesses' small video thumbnails which are ten times more catchy to the eye than the text listings.  And I already know what you're saying if you're over forty years old...."I don't go right to the larger colorful image button, I want to go to the text, so I know it's legitimate professional research on the subject".  well, you're entitled to your opinion, but if we're specking about the people younger than forty.....well I'm not here to convince you, I've done this already, this is who I am and what I do.  This will be the fourth venture I have succeeded in listing organically with video icons and listings multiple times on the first page of a search query with specific terms like online video SEO and Social Media Cville Va, and Design Cabinetry, and used Mobile Homes and iPad video music Production.  

Of course these are all state specific, you know, with Va on the end, but still that's not bad for someone only ten months after being killed in a car wreck.  Four months into spreading 212 videos, edited, produced and uploaded all solo, playing and writing my on music and scripts, all alone, looking totally insane I'm sure.  Well call me crazy, but controlling videos popping up on the first page, in my opinion is the most important thing you could do in business, if you actually had a chance to accomplish that right now, which is exactly what's possible.


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